Hello my fellow fashionistas.

From the V cut , to the sweetheart neckline and plunge neckline , needless to say that designers really focus on cuts and details , those little touches that makes an outfit stand out and creates a WOW EFFECT. From a while now backless dresses , tops , leotards invaded fashion runways , stores and everyone is wearing them.


Wearing a backless piece can be very RISQUE , some people are even afraid to wear them because of saggy boobs and often a lack of confidence . Just because a piece of clothing is backless doesnt mean you cant wear a bra , well let’s say that we shouldnt see your bra , Victoria wants her secrets to be kept so BEHAVE ladies . Just like when you wear a strapless you pair it with a special bra , it’s the same thing for backless . There’s a diversity of bra for that you cannot imagine LOL!

If you have small chest you can just wear nipples cover , but for the more gifted ones lol there’s stick-on bra , basically it’s a bra without the back and you have to stick in on the sides for it to stay in place and you have the feel free bra , which os like a sticker that you stick not to the back but on the actual boobs .

  • Don’t be afraid to try out new things , if you feel confident WEAR IT  , and let them stare at you .

We’ve seen many celebs such as Kim Kardashian , Beyonce , Rihanna and so on .. Rocking the strapless trend and so can you. If you’re a little bite unsure about this , start with little step by pairing a backless leotard with some high waisted jeans for a more conservative look but still hot and eye-catching.

– As the holidays are approaching you should feel good and look good as well .

just a little plus for you , i’ll add some website where you can find cute backless pieces at pocket friendly prices . It’s champagne on a wine cooler’s budget .




Happy shopping my fashionistas ,

fashionably your’s



The world is your freaking oyster !

image Fashion , what is fashion for you ? For me it’s something you cannot really describe , it’s not about them , it’s about you first . You shouldnt feel like they are forcing you to follow a trend , you should want to do it by your own . I mean if everyone is wearing a piece because it’s trendy , it’s just plain boring there’s no originality and everyone will look the same . Fashion is something risqué , fashion is a form of expression and how you dress should reflect how you are feeling . Fashion is all about personnal touch .

Dare to be different and take some risks .

– I’ve always wanted to create a fashion blog , but I was sort of sceptical reagrding this , so today I decided to go for it . In my page i’ll mostly talk about fashion , do interviews , but also give you guys a lot of informations regarding stores , sales going on and so on .

What’s left to say is HAPPY READING TO EVERYONE , i’ll let you know my posting schedule during the week with everything . Thank you for stopping by . WELCOME TO MY JOURNEY